On April 4, 2014 the first meeting of the series of meetings, dedicated to the popularization of archaeological heritage among young people of Pskov took place in Pskov Municipal Youth Center in the framework of the project «ARCHAEOLOGY, AUTHORITY & COMMUNITY: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage». The series of meetings, according to the organizers from the “Archaeological center of the Pskov region” should consist of not only lectures and discussions, but also one-day guided tours to the sites which contain archaeological monuments. Young Pskov people, who are interested in history, local lore, archaeology took part in the meeting.
The first meeting was called “10 discoveries of Pskov archaeology”. For most people archaeology means searching for treasures and rear artifacts, as well as significant discoveries and sensations. Our goal was to show what archaeology studies in reality, how scientific discoveries are made on the basis of seemingly insignificant traces of the past in the ground and featureless objects. Continue reading